Best Walkie Talkie (Two Way Radio) in 2019 – Buyer’s Guide With Review

When I was a child I was wonder and amazed to see a Walkie Talkie (Two-way radio) in a movie where cops are using it. And I was curious to know that how does this walkie talkie work. With the time when the first time I saw a cop in real life using A two-way radio for controlling the situations and connecting with the partner cops, I want to use it and want to know the functionality of the Walkie Talkie. When the first time I have seen this Walkie Talkie and used it in real life I just got surprised.

After using it in real life I want to know the exact functionality and the experience of using Walkie-talkie. So I decided to do the in-depth research regardings these walkie-talkies and two-way radios. Before buying a Walkie-talkie you need to know that the most professional walkie talkie requires legal permission in the form of a ham radio license.

In the last some year the uses of Walkie Talkie and these two-way radios have been increased dramatically and people are using these walkie talkies for the Different purpose. And multiple brands are making hundreds of walkie-talkies according to the requirements and uses of the people.

Legal Licence for Using Walkie Talkie (Two Way Radio)

As we already said that if you want to use a professional walkie-talkie than you will need to get legal permission in the form of a ham radio license. Getting a license isn’t that difficult but still, you need to require class administrated by the FCC. Also if you want to use a two-way radio on a General Mobile Radio Service channel requires a legal license to operate.

After all, you can get the license to use a walkie-talkie and can use these two-way radios according to the rules and regulations created by the authorities.

We have classified the Walkie Talkies as per the uses, And here we have created a list of best walkies talkies for your use in different works.

Best Two-Way Radios on The Market

Midland GXT 1000VP4

Midland is one of the oldest and most popular walkie-talkie making brand which is making Two-way radios for over 50 years. They have built some amazing two-way radio products and Midland GXT1000VP4 is the best of them. Midland GXT1000VP4 has some excellent privacy features and Boasts a very powerful Mic which works amazingly in Whisper Mode.

Here are the Features of Midland GXT1000VP4

  • > You can connect privately with other devices, using one of this radios 142 privacy codes.
  • > It has the weather scanner which alerts you when there is a weather emergency.
  • > The Microphone of this radio is very powerful and listeners can hear very quiet noises too.
  • > It has a Long Lasting Battery Backup which can give continue service for more than 8 Hours.
  • > The Midland GTX1000VP4 has 2 chargers one is an ac adapter and a car charger which can be plugged into a cigarette lighter jack.
  • > It has 2 headsets, the one is the basic headset which is in around the ear style and this radio are comfortable and work well enough.
  • > The only negative thing about the Midland GXT1000VP4 is it is not a waterproof device. So you have to keep it away from water drops.

Price – $69.99


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Best Two-way radios for mountains

Motorola MT350R

This is another one of the highest rated Walkie Talkie on the Amazon. This is one of the best robust Waterproof Two way radio which is excellent for outdoor excursions. If you want to use a Walkie Talkie with lots of different combinations than Motorola MT350R is one of the best in the business which has 22 Channels with 121 privacy Codes.

If you accidentally drop this Two-way Radio while tracking or Mountaining that it will be easy to spot because of its bright orange color. This Walkie Talkie is Dust and splash resistance with IP54 rating protection. So you can use it with any environment.

It can scan the weather with NOAA weather channels which will keep you up to date and will alert you if there any weather emergency or unpredictable weather conditions. This walkie talkies also have vibration features so this device will vibrate when calls are received instead of ringing.

This device allows Hands-Free operations too which help you to use this device while Climbing, Skiing and Hunting etc. For this Technology, it has a VOX feature. It has in-Built Flashlight for use while darkness on the way on mountain and Hiking.

IT has settings and features to get clear voice where any noises would be disruptive. This Motorola walkie talkie has a class D amplifier for better sound quality and it will help you to listen to the transmissions clearly.

It has a pack of rechargeable batteries. The batteries have 8 Hour backup on one recharge. and also it has USB charger so you can charge them on Road with power Bank or on your Car.

Price – $279

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Best walkie-talkie for security


This is one of the best Walkie Talkie in the list of Best Walkie Talkie for Security with more than 35 Miles range the makers are claiming the range for 37 Miles Which is pretty much awesome. Other than it’s awesome range it has total 2662 Channel Combination.

The Walkie Talkie has amazing weather scanner which has NOAA weather scanner to give Weather alerts while weather emergency and Unpredictable weather conditions.

The radios ship with pre-charged AA rechargeable batteries, but they need to be installed in the radio so the units are not actually “ready to go out of the box”.

Vox Features allows voice detection which gives better voice in the noisy environment,It does not need to press any button to transmit.

It has the Viberalert feature which gives you Enhanced vibrating feedback to notify incoming transmissions. Never lose your radio. Floating design and orange core make retrieving the radio easy if dropped in water.

this model also features a series of LED lights that double as a flashlight in a pinch. Also, This Model has a waterproof technology so you can use it in rainy season outdoor.

Price $149.99

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Best Walkie Talkie For Event Planners

Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range

If you are an event planner and organize big events for different firms and parties. If you have a big team to manage while planning an event a two-way wireless radio (a Walkie Talkie). Archshell Walkie Talkie is very good for the event planners because it is small in size and fits your palms perfectly.

This is one of the best Walkie Talkie in terms of Battery life and you can manage whole events with a pair of batteries. batteries can also be charged with a USB charger so you can charge in the car or with power bank.

This Walkie Talkie is very easy to use and set up so you can use it right after the’s not huge and bulky and is well designed ergonomically speaking.

Price $169.99

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Best Walkie Talkie for Cruise

BaoFeng BF-888S Two Way Radio

This Walkie Talkie Model is one of the most popular Walkie Talkie Model for use in Cruise. This Walkie Talkie is Available with 6 Handset with Earpiece. This Walkie Talkie model is great for Industrial and long distance works so It is the best for use on Cruise.

This is full-featured Two Way radio which can work at a distance of 6 KM. This Walkie Talkie is available with a Documentation Guide which you will need and you will Get Charger and Antena With it. This Walkie Talkie is best for camp side Location, Business Scenario and manage a Cruise.

It has Voice Operating Exchange ( VOX Feature) Which gives clear voice in a noisy surrounding. Other than these features it has inbuilt high illumination flashlight which help you to move in a dark place and have an emergency alarm.

The Antena Socket and the LED Lamp Channel Selector are built on amazing quality. It has a LED light which turns red when transmission and turns green when receiving. This is also easy to teach users to the Kids.

Price – $100 (6 Piece)

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Best Walkie Talkie for Hunting in woods

Midland – GXT1050VP4, 50 Channel GMRS Two-Way Radio

Midland is one of the most popular and oldest brands in Walkie Talkie and two side radio Production. Midland GXT1050VP4 is one of the most popular Waterproof Walkie Talkie Model which prevents any harmful effects while slashing water.

Midland GXT1050VP4 has 50 General Mobile Radio Service channels which can scan to check the activities. This Walkie Talkie has an alert system on 5 animals which are turkey, Duck, Crow, Cougar, and Wolf. So we can say that This is the best two-way radio for hunting in 2019. And the Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camouflage pattern make this an ideal walkie-talkie for hunters.

It has 142 Privacy codes which will give you more than 3000 channels options for block unwanted conversations and voices.

It also Has NOAA weather scan and Weather alert which have 10+ weather channel bands which scan the weather and will give weather alert on any weather emergency.

The Range of this Walkie Talkie is more than 36 Miles which will give you long-range connectivity while hunting in forests.

Total pieces in the box are Radios (x2), rechargeable battery packs (x2), boom mic headsets (x2), belt clips (x2), 120V dual desktop charger, AC adapter, DC adapter, and an owner’s manual.

Price:- $95.99

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Best Walkie Talkie for Kids

Walkie Talkie is a Way ultimate Gadget for Kids. I remember my childhood when I saw Walkie Talkie in a Movie or in Hand of any Cop, Want to get one for me too. Some kids read in comics and books about Walkie Talkie and they also want to Get one.

A walkie Talkie is always in the whislist of a Kid. Kids want the Walkie Talkie Toy because they want to play some games like Cops and robbers and spies with friends or neighbor. So We try to find best Walkie Talkie for Kids which are easy to use and Budget friendly.

After Hours of Research, We have Found some amazing low price Walkie Talkie for Child or Adults which have Fairly Short Range broadcast but for Home use that are the best walkie talkies.

Spy Gear Video Walkie talkie Reviews

Spy Gear is the leading Walkie Talkie maker Brand which has a Huge Range of perfect Walkie Talkie for spy games. Spy Gear Walkie Talkie has a Range of 50M. Spy Gear Walkie talkies are small in size and they are the best for Kid’s palms. Spy Gear ultra range walkie talkies feature an LCD screen so kids can enjoy both audio and video communication with their friends.

  • Specifications
  • 1. Audio And Videos Communication With Friends
  • 2. Audio Jack Available for Headphones
  • 3. Very Comfortable and compact Design for Kids.
  • 4. Kids Stay in Constant Visual Contact
  • 5. Perfect For Spy, Cop and Robber Games

Price –

Price – $75

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